What to do in Dolancourt and its region?

One of the reasons why so many tourists come to Dolancourt is of course because of the Nigloland theme park! Nigloland is only a few minutes away from our hotel.
There are also more "relaxed" activities in and around Dolancourt for the whole family. Note the forest of Orient to discover, not to be missed. The city of Troyes is also about 45 minutes from the Moulin du Landion. And, more generally, the Champagne region, an ancient French province to be visited and known worldwide for its famous sparkling wines.

We give you some tips below for an unforgettable stay!


More impressive than it looks

With about 150 inhabitants and an area of almost 5 km², Dolancourt has some assets to know. 

Don't let its size fool you! This small village is full of activities to do and majestic corners to explore. To make sure that there is more to Dolancourt than just the Moulin hotel & spa, find out more about the riches of this piece of land in the Aube.


Sparkling, elegant... but not only

"Champagne! "What does this expression, which is often heard, inspire in you? Joy, celebration, luxury? Easily pronounced in many languages, the word "Champagne" is known across the globe for this sparkling alcoholic beverage made from grapes that is usually uncorked to celebrate an event or to accompany delicacies. But before the product of the vine, it is a place in France whose specificities go through time and mark the tourists by its quiet beauty, its intense history and its reputation which is not to be done any more.

Enter this bubble of sweetness that is Champagne to know all its attractions!


On the front page, on the back page, on the...

You don't need to be good at maths to get to Troyes: it's the capital of the Champagne region! Located on the banks of the Seine, in the chalky Champagne region, Troyes is a city of art and history. Here, tourism has the wind in its sails.

Without pushing the envelope too far with puns and so that this presentation is not like a bottle in the sea (that would be the drop of water...), discover more about Troyes; for the rest, you will certainly have time to taste... champagne in Champagne!

Oriental Forest

Combining respect for nature and leisure

Situated in a magnificent natural park, the Forêt d'Orient is full of fun outdoor activities.
Hiking (by kayak, on foot, by bike, on horseback or on pony...); observation of migratory birds such as cranes or black storks, but also of land animals such as aurochs, European bison and elks; water sports (sailing, water skiing, kit-surfing, jet-skiing...) thanks to 3 large lakes which also have fishing areas.

It is a treat for a successful holiday in Champagne. Click here to find out more.

Nigloland Park

Close to our hotel

On the podium of the top 3 best amusement parks in Europe; behind the prestigious Disneyland and Parc Asterix, the Nigloland park. From our hotel to Nigloland, it is less than 5 minutes by car.

At Nigloland, no less than 40 attractions and shows await you. Gather as much information as possible to prepare your stay in Dolancourt, the village where the theme park is located!

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