Restaurant card Moulin Du Landion

The "Moulin du Landion" restaurant welcomes you to the river for a gourmet, convivial and timeless moment.

The Head and his team offer you a quality cuisine, highlighting fresh products and creativity in the right proportions.

You will find in our menus, the fruit of the work of several of our partners, local producers of quality:

  • The dairy products the village of Champ sur Barse, the Champ du Roy farm and the Marque farm
  • The fruit and vegetables from seasonal sources, mainly from the BIO
  • The fish freshly prepared in our kitchen.
  • Apples and pears from Vergers du Barrois
  • The trout of the Aube
  • The mushrooms of Cussangy
  • Meat is French women
  • Aurore's saffron with Safranière de l'Aube

Nature provides us with the essentials, our teams bring you their talents, hoping to meet your expectations.

Have a great time with them.

The Chef's favourites

The trend

  • Fillet of beef flambéed with Prunelle de Troyes 30.00 €

The Classics

  • Fresh marinated salmon 18.00€
  • Rib of beef 30.00€

The map

The entries

The dishes


  • Plate of cheese from our region 8.50€

The desserts

  • Faisselle with red fruit 9.50€



Starter + main course + cheese or dessert at 34 €
Starter + main course OR main course + cheese or dessert at 27 €



Smoked salmon, fresh marinated


Pigeon terrine with foie gras

Fish according to market


Meat by market

Prawn tagliatelle with parsley 


Dessert à la carte

* Choice of desserts on our Sweet menu
To be ordered at the beginning of the service


Starter + main course + cheese or dessert at 49 €

Starter + main course + cheese or dessert 46 €

Stuffed lemon


Carpaccio of scallops with truffles and smoked oil (subject to availability)


Frog leg with green asparagus purée

Pork fillet mignon in puff pastry with honey sauce


Fillet of beef flambéed with Prunelle de Troyes


Fillet of red mullet in Provençal sauce with coral lentils


Plate of cheese from our region 


Dessert à la carte

*Choice of cheese and dessert from our "Douceurs" menu
To be ordered at the beginning of the service.

Children's menu

15.00 € for children under 12 years old*.

Mini gazpacho


Plate of cold cuts

Burger, Chips or vegetables


Fish & chips

Ice cream / Sorbet


Waffle (Nutella, whipped cream, sugar)

* 1 drink (your choice: water, soda, fruit juice)

The drinks

  • Monial "Communio" champagne bottle 35.00€
  • Glass of René Joly Brut blanc champagne 8.00€
  • Glass of Barfontarc Brut Rosé Champagne 9.00€
  • Evian water bottle 1 L 5.50€
  • Half bottle of Evian water 4.50€

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It is with a heavy but hopeful heart that we await the opening of our beautiful resort.

Your safety and that of our team is our priority.

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