Restaurant card Moulin Du Landion

The restaurant will seduce you with its warm atmosphere. Our chef will make you discover a local and refined cuisine.
To accompany your meal or as part of an oenological discovery, you can taste our selection of the best local Champagne wines.

Our slate

Dish of the day

  • Chef's suggestion (by the slate and according to the market) 17€

The chef's suggestions

  • Chef's burger, red onion compote, fois gras. Served with fresh fries and seasonal salad 18€
  • Autumn salad: poached free-range egg, candied nutternut, Champs/Barse toast au gratin, chestnut slivers and Aube saffron condiment 14.50€

The map

The entries

  • Leek vinaigrette "revisited": citrus condiment, walnut crumble and farmhouse cottage cheese 12.50€
  • Cream of pumpkin soup : Poached egg, chestnuts, espuma of Champs/Barse affiné 12.50€
  • Aube trout, smoked with hay: creamy and crunchy almonds, Goji berries 13.50€
  • Chef's foie gras : Champagne Ratafia, Drakkar salt and gingerbread 16.50€
  • Scallops: coconut espuma/ burnt bread and butternut confit 17.50€

The dishes

  • Back of salmon, butter with nuts : risotto of coral lentils from Champagne 18.00€
  • Saddle of rabbit, tomato confit with sage: carrots and Reims mustard sauce 18.50€
  • Farmhouse chicken breast and its juice: home-made gingerbread and Cussangy mushrooms 19.00€
  • Fillet of sea bream : Espuma of a hollandaise with Champagne and fennel 23.00€
  • Fillet of bull Rossini style : foie gras, trumpet juice, confit potatoes 24.50€


  • Our selection of cheeses from our regions 7.00€
  • Toast au gratin, fruit bread and ripened Champs/Barse, honey from Aube with saffron and roasted almonds 8.50€

The desserts

  • Aumonnière revisited, with Topaze apples from the Barrois orchards: chestnut lace, salted butter caramel and Bourbon vanilla ice cream 9.50€
  • The Chef's real crème brûlée: Bourbon vanilla and raw milk from the Marque farm 9.50€
  • Poached pear revisited: sweet spices, speculos and whipped cream with saffron from Aube 9.50€
  • The chocolates: dark flowing heart, white creamy mascarpone and brownies 9.50€



Back of salmon with nut butter
Saddle of rabbit, tomato confit with sage
Farmhouse black chicken supreme and its juice

* Choice of cheese and dessert on our "Douceurs" menu
To be ordered at the beginning of the service


Starter + main course + cheese or dessert at 48 €*

Chef's foie gras

Fillet of sea bream
Or Fillet of bull Rossini style

*Choice of cheese and dessert from our "Douceurs" menu.
To be ordered at the beginning of the service.

Children's menu

12.50 € for children under 12 years old*.

Creamy pumpkin soup
Plate of cold cuts

Starter + main course + cheese or dessert at 33 €*
Starter + main course OR main course + filling or dessert at 26 €*

Leek vinaigrette "revisited
Cream of pumpkin soup
Aube trout, smoked with hay

Beef burger, fresh fries
Salmon steak with seasonal vegetables

Chocolate flowing heart with vanilla ice cream
Cottage cheese from the farm, homemade jam

* 1 drink (your choice: water, soda, fruit juice)

The drinks

  • Bottle of champagne 41.50€
  • Glass of champagne 7.70€
  • Coffee 2.80€
  • Water bottle 4.60€
  • Half bottle of water 3.10€
  • Bottle of wine 18€
  • Glass of wine 4.50€

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