Restaurant card Moulin Du Landion

The "Moulin du Landion" restaurant welcomes you to the river for a gourmet, convivial and timeless moment.

The Chief Romain MAZEREAU and his team offer you a quality cuisine, highlighting fresh products and creativity in the right proportions.

You will find in our menus, the fruit of the work of several of our partners, local producers of quality:

  • The dairy products the village of Champ sur Barse, the Champ du Roy farm and the Marque farm
  • The fruit and vegetables from seasonal sources, mainly from the BIO
  • The fish freshly prepared in our kitchen.
  • Apples and pears from Vergers du Barrois
  • The trout of the Aube
  • The mushrooms of Cussangy
  • Meat is French women
  • Aurore's saffron with Safranière de l'Aube

Nature provides us with the essentials, our teams bring you their talents, hoping to meet your expectations.

Have a great time with them.

The Chef's favourites

The trend

  • The Chef's Burger Black Angus steak, Chaource, homemade sauce, tomato & salad, onion confit...Bun de Brioche feuilletée 19.50€

The Classics

  • The dozen Burgundy snails (large) 18.50€
  • Marrow bone au gratin with "homemade" Maître d'hôtel butter, served with chips and seasonal salad, croutons with olive oil 22.50€

The map

The entries

  • Focaccia chestnut soup and Champ sur Barse au gratin 12.50€
  • The perfect egg à la Bourguignonne and Lardo di Colonata 12.50€
  • Aube trout "Gravad lax" with beetroot 13.50€
  • The Chef's foie gras, in candy... Slivers of walnuts, Pecan and caramelised hazelnuts. Fig Chutney and Brioche 17.50€
  • Scallops: coconut espuma/ burnt bread and butternut confit 16.50€

The dishes

  • Wild Breton hake with watercress sauce and cabbage embeurrée 18.00€
  • Soft-cooked lamb cannelloni with a Mornay gorgonzola and parmesan sauce 19.00€
  • Duck parmentier confit with ratafia sauce and old squash mousseline 19.00€
  • Scallops and porcini mushrooms Cream of black garlic 24.50€
  • Veal duo: sweetbreads and fillet in a blanquette sauce with Champagne, and old vegetables 24.50€


  • Our cheese board, matured by X. THURET (Meilleur Ouvrier de France fromager) and local cheeses 7.00€

The desserts

  • Yuzu meringue dessert 9.50€
  • Le cœur coulant du Chef, with dark chocolate 64% Chestnut tuile and white chocolate ice cream 9.50€
  • Frozen soufflé with pears from the Barrois orchards 9.50€
  • Tonka bean sabayon Caramelised apples from the Barrois orchard and brownie chips 9.50€



Starter + main course + cheese or dessert at 33 €*
Starter + main course OR main course + cheese or dessert at 26 €*

Creamy chestnut soup


The perfect egg à la Bourguignonne

and Lardo di Colonata


The Aube trout "Gravad lax

and beetroot declension

Wild Breton hake

Watercress and cabbage sauce

Soft-cooked lamb cannelloni

Mornay Gorgonzola and Parmesan Sauce Gratin
Duck confit parmentier

Ratafia sauce and old-fashioned squash mousseline

* Choice of cheeses and desserts on our "Douceurs" menu
To be ordered at the beginning of the service


Starter + main course + cheese or dessert at 48 €*

The Chef's seasonal foie gras, in candy...

Slivers of walnut, Pecan and caramelised hazelnut.

Homemade fig chutney and toasted brioche

The fresh crab cromesquis

Farmhouse cottage cheese and vegetable tartar

Scallops and ceps from the region

Black garlic cream


Veal duo: sweetbreads and tenderloin

Blanquette sauce with Champagne and old vegetables

*Choice of cheese and dessert from our "Douceurs" menu
To be ordered at the beginning of the service.

Children's menu

12.50 € for children under 12 years old*.

Creamy chestnut soup


Plate of cold cuts

The mini-burger, fresh chips


Salmon fillet, seasonal mashed potatoes

The Chef's flowing heart, dark chocolate 64%


The fresh fruit plate

* 1 drink (your choice: water, soda, fruit juice)

The drinks

  • Bottle of champagne 41.50€
  • Glass of champagne 7.70€
  • Coffee 2.80€
  • Water bottle 4.60€
  • Half bottle of water 3.10€
  • Bottle of wine 18€
  • Glass of wine 4.50€

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